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Istanbul – Day 2

March 30, 2010

Cold and Raining!

We borrowed umbrellas from the hotel desk and jumped in our bus to the Topkapi Palace, home to sultans centuries.  We saw

  • the imperial jewels — jewel-encrusted daggers, crowns, and an 86 carat diamond
  • jeweled thrones
  • imperial dress
  • sultan’s throne
  • circumcision room
  • and more…

From there, we headed to the spice market.  The pistachios were divine!  We also bought turkish delights (rose flavored), sesame covered peanuts, but no turkish viagra.

Then it was the Grand Bazaar — we didn’t quite hit all 4000 shops — lots of evil eye shopping, but no major purchases.

Finally, we had a lesson on rugs.  We watched the weaver work on a silk rug, then headed upstairs to get a full on sales pitch.  We found the perfect rug that we couldn’t afford and didn’t need, but lordy, was it beautiful!


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